Solo Flow: Pilates Equipment 7/28

Posted on July 31, 2010


Today was hot, humid, and just plain gross…but I had the day off and I was determined to get my flow on over at Max Pilates Studios, so I hopped in the car and skipped on over to N.West Street.

I’m so glad I did…

It was total peace today. I was alone in the studio the entire session and I get some serious work in. I can really feel the difference of regular reformer work is starting to develop. My arms are sore but my core connection is so much more stable. I find my spine WANTING to connect with the carriage, rather than arching up as it naturally does. My hips are more stable, and my legs are starting to grasp the concept of connection and balance. I still have to focus on tightening the “thass” area (a funny little term Cristina came up with to describe the area that connects the thighs and the uhm…glutes) but my hamstrings are definitely engaged and my thighs are sticking together like glue.

Some areas I need to work on are my scapula connection to the carriage in the hundred series and coordination, as well as my neck alignment on roll over, short spine, control balance, and control dismount….it is getting better though.

I was actually excited to incorporate a lot of the advanced moves today, albeit not very well. I lessened the spring weight on tendon stretch and almost got it! I still have to figure out how to compensate with the length of my legs on that one though. It can be hard to pike up with a 36″ inseam! I also got to do breaststroke and horseback for the first time in a while, the later of which made my thighs and core burn!

Tomorrow i’m going to hit up a morning yoga class…most likely power flow or vinyasa II. I’m excited to get some deep stretch, flow and restore back into my practice this week. So far yoga has been limited to my nightly progression and some meditation and deep breathing. It will be nice to dedicate 90 minutes to myself in this way again to round out an excellent week of pilates training.

If anyone wants to join me please let me know! I’m always up for a partner!

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