Aerial yoga with the yoga swing

Posted on August 15, 2010


I just got my yoga swing in the mail and i’m nothing short of ecstatic. It came Saturday and I was in the studio Sunday morning trying it out. I am still sore from a wicked TRX class on Thursday (Studio Revolution) and a wonderful pilates private with Deborah Mathews on Friday (InsideOut Body Therapies) so it was just what I needed to get in some wonderful extension and playful spine stretching and release.

I’ll give updates as I learn how to truly use this wonderful instrument but I can already tell that it isn’t just good for gravitational stretching…it takes some strength to truly move in! Lucky i’ve got some welded beams to work with at Studio Revolution…until I figure out how to build an in home contraption to hold this thing those will have to do.

Here are some pictures of me trying my new baby out 🙂

Yoga Swing

yoga swing