A New Outlook on Inversions

Posted on December 1, 2010


For the  past 2 weeks i’ve been doing a lot more inversions in my practice. I’d like to say that the motivation behind this choice was more grounded in something pure and revolutionary but the truth is that I was just sick and tired of seeing my fellow yoga peeps standing on their hands, bending around in forearm stand, and balancing effortlessly in peacock pose. “Why can’t I do this?” my ego so grace-less-ly whined.

I know, I know…all you yogis are probably giving me 20 virtual lashes with a spelt noodle for that attitude…but I do have good news.

While i’m still tumbling around and clumsily landing 95% of the time, I’ve had a few precious moments in handstand and forearm balance where I caught a glimpse of just how beautiful the poses are. When I say this, I don’t mean it from a snapshot perspective. I’m not asking someone to stand by and “ooo and aaah” at my growing prowess standing on my head. The beauty is within.

I’m coming to realize that the benefits of inversions aren’t just physical, they are quite emotional. As I landed softly on one of my better attempts at handstand the only word, emotion, nay sense of being that I felt was freedom….UTTER LIBERATION folks. It isn’t pride, it isn’t even ego, it’s just the beauty of a new perspective and all the doors it can open to the ever present journey to enlightenment.

Who knew staring at the floor held so much inspiration?

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