About Me

In total disclosure I submit my basic application process to you in hopes that it not only tells you a little bit about who I am and why I do yoga and pilates, but also what you may be looking at if you decide to apply to a movement arts training program. Not a horrible application process at all. (although this is just the written section)

1. Please describe your Yoga experience and current practice. Also include the name of the studio(s) where you have studied, the name of the instructor(s) and a contact number in which they can be reached.

I currently work one on one with Cristina Max of Max Pilates in Raleigh and incorporate yoga flow into my sessions. I have also had privates with Michael Miller and attended group classes with Courtney Greer and Mindi Kessler from Evolve Body Movement. I was a attendee of most of Kristen DeMarco’s Vinyasa classes at Carborro Yoga Co. before she moved to New Orleans and have bounced back and for the between Namaste Yoga Center, Gateway, and recently Blue Lotus. I supplement studio time on my busier days with at home mat work and vinyasa style yoga.

2. How often do you practice Yoga ?

2-3 times a week with meditation every day

3. Describe your movement/athletic history:

I swam and did track and field competitively in High school. Prior to that I took tap, jazz, and gymnastics. In college I focused mainly on cardio and running with limited attention to strength and flexibility and sustained mild injuries. This along with my autoimmune disease got me into yoga over 3 years ago when running was no longer possible. Last year I discovered Pilates through the suggestion of my neighbor and have been in love ever since. I love the sense of core connection and fluidity it includes and I’m working more and more all the time on my strength. I love the compliment that yoga has to pilates and vice versa. After a serious surgery both disciplines have been essential to the healing process. I also walk my three dogs 2-3 miles every day.

4. Please give a brief description of your health history. Do you currently have any injuries?

I have no injuries. I do have Crohn’s disease which led me to have a full colostomy after years of intense pain. This surgery along with my practice of yoga and Yoga, and maintenance of a whole food diet has kept me in good health for over 2 years now. Through movement therapy I have learned to love my body again rather than seeing it as an enemy. Also, I am no longer on any medications which is unbelievable to my doctors as pre-yoga and pre-surgery I had exhausted every form of immunosuppressant and steroidal drug on the market.

5. Do you have any type of teaching experience? If so, please describe.

I lead purification classes through my workplace (Center for Chiropractic & Wellness) where I teach people how to detoxify their bodies with whole food supplements, healthy diet, and low impact exercise. I have no Yoga teaching experience other than leading small classes for my friends on vacations.

6. Do you have previous experience working with the public?

In my position as wellness coordinator I work directly with current and potential patients to broaden their knowledge of whole food diets, holistic health, and alternative medicine. I hold individual consults as well as group sessions. I am also on the Marketing and PR workgroup for the American Institute of Healthcare & Fitness where I help to plan events centered around healthcare and public awareness of integrative medicine.

7. What is your perception and/or experience of a “good” teacher?

A good teacher is one that keeps the flow of movement going while gently recognizing problems with form and correcting them with encouragement, all the while realizing that perfection does not exist and that all bodies are individual. A good teacher also recognizes physical limitations easily and works with them to consistently improve the form and function of the client. In essence a good teacher gets the bodies energy moving, calms and focuses the mind, and facilitates wellness and separation from ego rather than perfection.

8. Why do you want to become a Yoga instructor?

I want to help people (men, women, children, and the elderly) to utilize their bodies for physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. I feel that the connection of the body to its internal energy and flow is not only healing to the physical body, but also to the mental status. Yoga builds strength, flexibility, and confidence! It also heals and prevents illness, an aspect I find personally appealing.

9. How will becoming a Yoga instructor help you attain your personal goals?

Yoga will allow me to work with a variety of personalities, physical limitations and fitness levels, consistently keeping life interesting. This practice will also allow me to work anywhere there is a studio, granting me flexibility in my surroundings. Finally, and most importantly, it will allow me to do what I love for a living, and to remain committed to my health!

10. Do you have 15-20 hours a week to devote to the teacher training?

Yes, I work 30 hours a week but my schedule is extremely flexible, as I set my own hours every day.

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