Pilates Certifications

INSIDEOUT BODY THERAPIES’ PTT: The Pilates Center Training Program

InsideOut Body Therapies’ Pilates Teacher Training is one of the first in the country to be licensed from The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado.

The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program is one of the most respected, comprehensive, and intensive programs of its kind in the world. Students are taught classical Pilates and study every exercise on every piece of equipment in-depth.


The Pilates Teacher Training requires attendance at both the Spring and Fall Formal Lecture Series. Students will also be required to complete the Internship and pass exams before receiving their certificate of completion. There are 900 total hours required to complete the program. Upon completion, students may sit for the PMA® Pilates Certification Examination.

In addition, The Teacher Training Program requires:

  • Passing score of 85% or higher on all exams: 3 written exams (covering history, philosophy, anatomy, and pedagogy), 2 performance exams, 2 practical teaching exams
  • Completion of two teaching clinics
  • Completion of reading list
  • Completion of Case Study
  • Completion of Anatomy Coloring Book
  • Completion of personal Pilates journal

Benefits for our students include:

  • Discounts on lessons at InsideOut Body Therapies
  • Teacher Training Student-focused classes
  • Use of InsideOut Body Therapies facilities for personal workouts
  • Use of InsideOut Body Therapies facilities for practice teaching of clients
  • Weekly trainee symposiums
  • Access to video library of previous lectures

Students are expected to complete an average of 20 hours per week toward their Internship, (ie: observing teaching sessions, taking lessons and classes, practice teaching, personal workouts, watching videos and reading required books). Students are strongly encouraged to attend the weekly symposium.

To enroll, prospective students must pass an entrance evaluation exam demonstrating a proficiency in Pilates Level III-IV (strong intermediate) exercises, and be injury free. Acceptance in the program does not guarantee graduation.

Preparatory Program

InsideOut offers special packages for those who wish to take the teacher training but have not yet met the enrollment requirements. There are two options: an intensive 6 month course and an intensive 3 month course of Pilates lessons specifically designed to assist the student in reaching the level required to enroll in the program. Please contact Deborah Matthews for more information.

Body Balance University Training Program

Director of Pilates Education and Lead Teacher Trainer:
Melissa Kakavas, PMA-CPT
Balanced Body University

Balanced Body University is a cutting edge Pilates teacher-training organization.

For more information on upcoming teacher-training courses and preparation curriculum, contact Melissa Kakavas.

SMART BODY PILATES: BASI training program

Become a certified Pilates instructor through Body Arts and Science International (BASI™) Comprehensive Teacher Training Program.

Smart Body Pilates is an official host site for Body Arts and Science Teacher Trainings. Individuals interested in becoming certified may take all necessary training at our studio. This is includes apprentice, observation and self practice hours. Upcoming certifications begin in January 2007. Please consult BASI website for course dates.

Please contact Aimee Levesque @ 919 801-7079 for any additional questions concerning the certification process.

Sign up today to reserve your place in the course. You can register online from the BASIpilates.com website and also read more about this internationally recognized program.

TRIANGLE PILATES: Power Pilates Certification

Click here
for the Power Pilates Continuing Education Registration.

Click here
for the Power Pilates Teacher Training Certification Form.

Beginner Mat Certification

Learn how to teach the 18 exercises in the Power Pilates program. Learn the proven formula for effective teaching. Prerequisite for all who are interested in pursuing additional certifications through Power Pilates.

Intermed. Mat Certification

During the intermediate mat weekend you will learn the 13 additional intermediate level mat exercises and how to incorporate them into the beginner-level sequence. You will continue to develop your teaching skills so that you will become an excellent and confident instructor. Our students claim that “everything starts to click” during the intermediate mat weekend. Once you complete this weekend, you will have the ability to work with people of all ages and different fitness levels at the same time.
Advanced Mat Certification

All essential components of the Power Pilates teaching tools and formula will be enriched and advanced exercises will be mastered. Learn how to incorporate the advanced exercises safely and effectively into your client’s repertoire during this weekend.

•Review anatomy from a pilates perspective
•Learn how to teach an advanced level 60-minute Mat class (including modifications and variations for advancement).

•Strengthen communication skills necessary to inspire clients and teach pilates effectively.
Apparatus Training – Comprehensive

Learn all apparatus: Mat, reformer, cadilac, barrels, chairs over the course of 4 wkds and 600 apprenticeship hours.
The Comprehensive Certification is Power Pilates’ most extensive program. It covers beginner, intermediate and advanced level exercises utilizing the Pilates apparatus (Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, Ped-o-Pull and Magic Circle) and teaches you how to work with special case clients (i.e. those with back, neck, knee, shoulder problems). You will continue to utilize and develop the teaching tools learned during your mat weekends; building and developing your teaching skills. You will sharpen your eye for subtle exercise modifications and be able to work with people of all ages and fitness levels at the same time. Once you pass and complete all aspects of the program, you will receive your Power Pilates Instructor Certification.
Xtend – Get Certified

The Xtend Training is one of the most well structured programs on the market. The 18 hour training course is comprehensive, providing trainers with information not only on the exercises themselves, but “how to effectively teach them.” In addition, trainers are given information on how to modify exercises for beginners and special populations and how to progress exercises for the advanced clients.

Xtend provides on-going updated choreography in continued education courses, so each Xtend instructor has the tools to keep classes fresh and unique. There are a variety of creative exercises to choose from so that instructors and clients are always inspired. In addition we offer our instructors ongoing web resources and training DVDs.

All participants will receive a certificate of completion and 1.3 CECs through ACE. The Xtend Training Workshop will allow instructors to teach the Xtend Workout only at Xtend Licensed studios and only after they have tested out. All participants must sign a non-compete/confidentiality agreement prior to participating in the Xtend Training Workshop.
Click here for details.

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